Team Victory!

Why Join With Us?

Team Victory is in front of the pack! Our team’s commitment to coaching and duplicable results is first-rate. We provide morning motivation, training, Facebook group chats, the freedom to ask anyone on the team for advise, conference calls, webinars, and more! We are looking for driven, coachable individuals looking for something better for themselves and their family. We want individuals who understand the importance of such an amazing opportunity. 


Team Victory hosted Vida Divina’s first large scale company event!

A Sneak Peak At Our Team and Training Event!




"The Teacher" and "Island Health"


Meet Marc and Coretta!

Marc and Corretta met in College five years ago and recently celebrated their one year anniversary as a married couple. Marc is a former school teacher and Coretta is a registered Dietician.

Marc is known to The Dynasty Crew as "Teacher".  Coretta is originally from the island of Antigua and is know to the Dynasty Crew as "Island Health". Marc was in desperate need for a change that would pay him for his efforts and ability to speak in front of groups of driven individuals. Coretta decided to join Vida Divina because she simply believed that their products could be of great benefit to anyone trying to improve their health. Together the team up to teach and inspire others to become their best self in terms of health and wealth.

They are the is the co-founders of the New Jeru Community of Blogs on Strengthening  Health and Building Wealth!

Our Blog!

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"The Worker"


Meet Dexter!

Dexter is a University student from the island of Jamaica. He is known to The Dynasty Crew as "The Worker". Dexter enjoys working out, soccer, and giving back to the community as a personal trainer in East Orange, NJ.  Dexter joined Vida Divina in hopes of helping those who he has trained with weight loss and muscle strengthening .



"Married to the Game"


Meet Sherri and Russell!

Sherri and Russell are the proud owners of a health restaurant called Soup, Salads, and Sandwiches in East Orange NJ. They are known to The Dynasty Crew as "Married to the Game". They have been happily married for over 20 years! As business owners they understand the importance of promoting health and entrepreneurship in the neighborhood.They joined Vida Divina to continue to promote a healthy lifestyle and earn a residual income.



"The Family Man"


Meet Shaun!

Shaun is proud father and former football athlete. Shaun is know to the Dynasty Crew as "The Family Man". Shaun enjoys weightlifting and spending time with his family. Shaun joined Vida Divina to track his weight loss journey and earn residual income to have more time to spend with his growing family.



Meet Muhammad!

In addition to owning his own landscaping company, Muhammad can be found in Newark, NJ teaching neighborhood children to swim. Muhammad is known to the Dynasty Crew as "Move Maker". His passions include beautifying the neighborhood, helping others to meet their goals and providing a promising future for his daughter. Muhammad joined Vida Divina to build extra income with his daughters education in mind.



 Direct Training With Top Earners!

Vice President of Sales Al Rodriguez (left)

Marc Antoine (Team Victory: Dynasty) (right)