What is Vida Divina?

The name of our company is Vida Divina (meaning Divine Life) spelled V-I-D-A  D-I-V-I-N-A.  It’s a wonderful company.  Vida Divina is company with a line of health and nutrition products aimed at helping people discover a truly healthy lifestyle as well as financial independence. Our CEO Mr. Armond Puyolt has already invested over $33 million in this company.  That means we are debt free.  We are already international, opening in 9 countries with elaborate corporate offices, professional staff; offering new jobs and top management.

Our corporate office is located in California, extending 2 blocks.  You can go to visit, take a tour and see everything.  Our office houses our very own testing laboratory that manufactures our own products.  In addition, our CEO owns the formulas and patents to 26 other MLM companies.  That alone dictates our financial stability.  

It’s not a run of the mill operation, hyped up new business.  We are stable, well planned and on the way for expeditious growth!


Why Vida Divina Was Started?


What Products Does Vida Divina Offer?


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Vida Divina Is About Helping People!